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The story of the Foxden Container House is addressed in the book titled HowToBuildaContainerHouse.

The Foxden demonstrates a lifestyle which is both about simplicity and a sort of natural ergonomics.

Natural Ergonomics.  Container House Ontario (CHO) presents the Foxden; an imaginative abode which nimbly eases-into remote landscapes without supplanting local vegetation. This little container-cottage has the ability to be half-buried & to be completely off-the-grid. The Den is currently wrapped in a straw blanket as it awaits character barn-board found in its next location.  Crowned with a green curved roof and a rooftop patio, this ContainerHouse combines ecology and economy with a choice-driven lifestyle.

Incredible and elegant residence.  “Kesting’s house is purportedly as green-built as any such models and just about ready for year-round, off-the-grid living… It’s an incredible and elegant residence, and it offers the same qualities as an alternative housing argument as well.”  (Guelph Mercury newspaper article, September 2013).

Built with best-practices.  Designed by Christoph Kesting & American Design Award Winner- architect Murray Arnott. Built by industry professional Paul Horrigan and his team, the Foxden takes from best practices of container homes around the world.  Here is a sixty second YouTube video showing how the team consisting of an instructor and gracious volunteers participated in workshops at our local Do-It-Yourself workshop and made this; the Foxden: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOuthD673UI&feature=youtu.be.

Available and negotiable.  Depending on the degree of customization desired. Local delivery & reassembly provided. Designed with portability in mind this container creation can be picked up by standard tilt-and-load trailers.

Features of the Foxden:

1.   Exterior walls are capable of being unclipped and transported separately.
2.   Exterior walls are designed for R-40, (surpasses standard building code which is R-20).
3.   Built to withstand being half-buried for passive solar gain.
4.   Walls are ready for the insulation & siding of your choice. (1 extra roll of R6 insulation provided)
5.   10-foot sliding patio doors & French doors allow the autumn breezes.
6.   Lovely ‘leaded-glass’ & stained glass windows. (1 extra rippled glass window provided).
7.   Hyper-parabolic curved roof capable of carrying the load of a green roof.
8.   80ft+ load-bearing roof-top patio with option to use as addition rooftop garden.
9.   Roof framed & prepared for insulation value of R-60.  (Surpasses code of R-32).
10. Point loads designed for four tire & stone footings or concrete pier-footings.
11. Composting toilet with simple 12V venting system & urine diversion system (Not provided but for sale with…)
12. The first hyper-efficient Rocket Mass Heater installation into a Container House in recorded history
which also features two separate cooking surfaces & a viewing window.
13. The ESES ‘expandable solar energy system’, consisting of a120 Volt AC output system at 600 Watts, 24 Volts
DC input, 200 Watt solar panel, charge control digital display, and quick connect system for safety
& a true sign-wave 600W micro-inverter from ExcessEnergy.com (Not provided, but for sale in addition to the unit).



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